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Halo Fabric Care Kit - 3 Pack
The Warwick Halo Fabric Care Kit has been specifically designed to further enhances spot cleaning results. Included in the Warwick Halo Fabric Care Kit is Halo Spot Cleaner for most household stains, Halo Fabric Deodoriser to help neutralise pet and general odours and Halo Fabric Protector to restore liquid repellency on fabric sections that have been spot cleaned.   Purchase your ..
Lustrell Faux Leather Care Kit - 3 Pack
Lustrell Faux Leather Care and Cleaning Kit  has been specifically formulated for faux (synthetic Leather) & Vinyl.  The Lustrell Faux Leather Cleaning Kit is recommended for the regular care, cleaning and protection of Lustrell and faux leather synthetic leathers and vinyl products. The kit consists of: Lustrell Faux Leather Regular Cleaner for the removal of surface ..